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2012: J'ai débranché

  1. J'ai débranché: comment revivre sans Internet après une overdose /Thierry Crouzet, Pis, Fayard, 2012

in Library High Tech News, vol. 29, Issue 9, 2012

Do you see your messages compulsively every five minutes as if your life depended on them? Are you looking for your mobile phone with more excitement than your keys? In one word, if you think we are more and more slaves of the internet and technology, you are probably right!

For 15 years, Thierry Crouzet was a social networking guru and author of many books on new technologies. Thierry’s friends said he was a social networking addict. His wife laughed at him when he claimed to work in his office. His children were more used to seeing him playing with his mobile phone than talking to them. That was Thierry Crouzet’s life before what we call his “digital burn out”. On February 2011, he realized that his life was not a happy life. He, who for years claimed that the net was helping to change the world, knew it was time to change if he wanted to save his marriage and his family. Exhausted by this hyperactivity online, he decided to detoxify himself and warned his thousands of friends on Facebook and Twitter that he will be leaving for six months. And he disappeared from the net! As it was summertime, he stopped on a beach in the South of France and wrote his book Unplugged.

Throughout his adventure, his friends, his children, and especially his wife, true heroine of his book Unplugged, he began rebuilding his life little-by-little: it led him to visit a meditation guru, to learn yoga, and also to spend time walking, rowing, cycling, and exploring nature without end. Paradox: digital friends applauded. Many have expressed their desire to imitate him […]. Perhaps we all need to imitate Thierry Crouzet.



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