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(1996) - IFLA Section of Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries

Section Newsletter, 1996, vol. 17, n° 2, pp. 2.

Our Section

Each member of the Biomedical Section is aware of the responsibility to maintain the life of the Section by encouraging membership, developing participation, and organizing high quality programs at every annual Conference.

During the two Standing Committee meetings in Istanbul last August, we worked together. Even though our Section is not as large as many others within IFLA, we appreciate its importance and believe in its service to medical librarianship. Our Section has an audience and we want to continue to encourage medical librarianship all over the world. We love our jobs!: it is as simple as that!

Membership provides the chance to travel every year to some part of the world and to meet our colleagues, offering them a program and giving them an opportunity to participate and tell their views and opinions. At every IFLA Conference I have attended, in Paris, Moscow, New Delhi, Barcelona, Havana, and Istanbul, we were confronted with social or political problems. How can we help our colleagues who are working in very bad conditions? One of our responses was to bring them our ideas and exchange our experiences. This will continue to challenge us in future conferences.

It is a great honour to be chosen Chair of the Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries Section of IFLA. Our Section is one of the newest, being established in 1978 (IFLA began in 1902). During my two-year term I wish to develop exchanges with colleagues, get to know them better and give them a chance to speak of their situation and their jobs. All Section members have worked hard during the past winter to propose an interesting and imaginative program for Beijing.

cop. JP Accart, 2007




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